Inspiring ways Middle Eastern Food is getting to our plates

Roberta Muir is an inspiration when it comes to innovation. But, clearly, her love for Be Inspired Food Wine and Travel is her passion. Roberta has 24 years of experience working with some of Sydney’s most prominent chefs and TV producers. This coming May, Roberta has teamed up with chef Michael Rantissi of Kepos Street Kitchen to explore the best Middle Eastern food products you can make at home.

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Roberta gives you the chance to learn a master class making classic Bisteeya and Shakshuka, not to mention how to make the best Falafel that will leave your guests speechless. Roberta showcases unique Mezze dishes and desserts that will become everyone’s favourite. Her meal packs are amazing and comes with nineteen comprehensive video instructions, so you don’t miss a trick.

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Premium Ingredients means Restaurant quality food.

There is more; the pack also includes the premium ingredients and brands all the prominent chefs use. In this case, the Middle Eastern Food Pack includes all the ingredients to create seventeen savouries and two sweet dishes. The pack also includes the special mould tools needed. And great for the food enthusiast looking to take their cooking to the next level.

Remember too order quickly as orders close on the 1st of May for the Be Inspired Food, Wine and Travel offers.

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