Najjar Raqwa is a revolution in traditional Middle Eastern coffee preparation.

Najjar Raqwa coffee maker consistently brews the perfect cup of Lebanese coffee at the press of a button, every single time in 45 seconds. It offers the ability to prepare multiple cups with crema/“ashwe” (no need for manual preparation separately)

It has automatic temperature control for boiling and offers a constantly 85-87c serving temperature.

It uses each time the Cafe Najjar Raqwa capsules for the exact portion of the perfect coffee, and there is no waste and the precise volume of water (60ml).

The Najjar Raqwa system guarantees the ultimate hygiene during the preparation of coffee. Automatic capsule disposal system.

Easy to operate, and it can automatically clean after every cup.

If you want to know when the next batch of Najja Coffee Makers will be released, join the waiting list today. Members of the waiting list will receive 100 Najjar Coffee pods for FREE when they purchase their machine before 22 November 2022

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