Crazy about Nuts.

Nuts are an amazing source of nourishment and a healthy satisfying snack. High in antioxidants, nuts will maintain longevity after been picked. Research indicates that nuts may contribute to lowering cholesterol and may even lower the risk of heart disease. Restaurants and cafes around Australia are using more nuts, adding extra crunch to salads and flavour to a dish. You may be eating more nuts than you think! Australian chefs make sauces and dips made from nuts such as Tahini which is made from sesame seeds. Tahini is the main ingredient in Hummous which is made by adding chickpeas. Hummous has become a favourite of the Australian Cafe taste sensation. Harkola is a Sydney based wholesale distributor of a wide variety of nuts across Australia, from our huge sized Cashews which people love to those spicy mixed nuts.

Add some crunch.

Harkola is a distributor of a wide variety of nuts across Australia, from our huge sized cashews to those delicious spicy pub flavoured peanuts and everything in-between. Harkola offers many varieties to delight chefs, café owners and supermarkets alike.. They are real value for money and good for you, and can really make that dish shine plus they packed full of nutrition and fibre.

Inspired by the past.

Harkola supplies and distributes a wide variety of nuts and we’ve worked hard to build a reputation for only delivering the best quality. You will have to taste them to believe us. We have many distributors across Australia. Australia's best chefs and wholesalers source their ingredients from Harkola in Sydney. We guarantee the freshness. Harkola nuts inspiration comes from one of the great dishes ever created - the Waldorf Salad. The Waldorf salad uses walnuts to bring the salad to life. The salad was first created between 1893 and 1896 at the Waldorf Hotel in New York by Oscar Tschirky, who developed the many of other signature dishes.

discover what can grow

Specialised in imported products from around the world for 40 years, we still have not changed our promise CUSTOMERS COME FIRST. The next time your cooking something why not try throwing a few nuts into the pan, warm and mix them with your meal to add an extra dimension to your cooking creation. Nuts are a small package of wonder, hard to crack, tough to beat, but once opened can grow in many directions.