Harkola is a huge distributor of a wide variety of nuts across Australia, from our huge sized Cashews which people love to those delicious spicy pub flavoured peanuts, your sured to have tasted some of the many varieties we offer.

Inspired by Nuts

Why not try to cook like a pro, Head Chef Sharon Salloum of Almond Bar Darlinghurst, shares one of her best dishes with Harkola. Harkola is a distributer of imported products, and supplies many restaurants and cafes all over Sydney with imported beans, nuts & spices.

Freekeh Bi Lahmi Recipe

Dried fruit is excellent and a real cost saver if you are running a cafe or restaurant, it is the perfect food as it natural sugars help preserve the nutrition of the fruit.

Dried Fruit

One spice is the known as king of spices ‘Pepper’, and sailors and explores searched the furthest reaches of our planet to bring back the wonders of the world.