Australian Importer & Distributor - Fine Middle Eastern Products Worldwide

Harkola is an Australian Importer and distributor of fine middle Eastern products from Lebanon. Harkola supplies quality food products distributing them to Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, Take Aways and Shops, for the supply of food manufactures around Australia

It is essential to realise that Harkola sources a vast range of the best middle eastern produce. Usually, the Middle Eastern products and the people who make them have years of experience behind them.

In contrast, Harkola a Importer & Distributor selects these fine middle eastern products and becomes the distributor for these in Australia. If you haven’t tasted our best Middle Eastern brands of Tahini, Hummus and Halva, you are certainly missing out.

In Addition, when it comes to Cooking Oils, you’ll find that considerable selection that brings a whole new level to any cafe, hotel or restaurant meal you may be creating. Identically you’ll discover trusted brands like Cortas and Aseel in an entire range of sizes 20L to 500ml table size.

Furthermore, we have a huge selection of dried fruit which is great for either home baking, restaurant and patisserie cooking. Above all, just adding that perfect complement to breakfast muesli, dessert or snack dish. Harkola’s range of A-Grade dried fruit is ideal for making any cake or day special.

Dried Beans and legumes are one of the most nutritious things we eat. With this in mind, we’ve heard from some of Sydney’s top restaurant chefs how they are adding them to salads and dish and are available all year round in the quantity you need.

Notably what dish would be complete without Spice! Especially in Australia. For this reason, Harkola not only offers the best price but you can buy it in the small quantity from our online store, shop or suppliers. For one thing, when you order make sure to try our Salloum’s Zaatar Thyme Spice.

Given that baking maybe your art, we stock the best ranges of Bakers Flours for Pizza Shops, Restaurants, Cafes and Bakeries in a range of different sizes even to the 25kg size. Whatever you maybe be looking for we stock corn flour, sharp flour, ultra-white flour, strong baking flour, rye flour, pizza flour as well as unique floral waters.

To sum up, if you are lucky enough to live in Sydney, you can also visit our store in Auburn; It is packed full of wonders from the middle east. We only stock the most trusted brands and if you are a novice ask the friendly people and staff for there recommendations of the best Lebanese brands to name a few Cortas, Alkanatar, Mechaalany, Alwazh, Cafe Najjar, Aruba, Salloum Zaatar, and Krikita.

Not only will make Grocery Shopping more exciting, but it will bring a whole new level of taste to your table and life.