Shane Delia brings the flavour to SBS Food with new series exploring the excitement and local heroes of Middle Eastern cuisine

A Middle East Feast premieres on SBS Food Thursday 24 June at 8.00pm

We are delighted that SBS Chefs Tom Sarafian & Shane Delia’s shared their secret ingredients, which supply. It is inspirational to see them make those authentic dishes that we all should learn to cook.

Full flavours, aromatic spices and LOTS of share plates. That’s what Middle Eastern cooking is all about and Shane Delia is back to show how us to bring the magic of this exciting yet unpretentious cuisine into our kitchens with his new series A Middle East Feast from Thursday 24 June 8.00pm on SBS Food.

Inspired by Harkola‘s amazing middle eastern ingredients here is what they did in the recipe. Buying healthier products and authentic Lebanese ingredients really brings a dish together. In case you are one of the people who have not heard about Harkola, it is a treasure chest of brands and products from Lebanon and the middle east.

Over 10 episodes, award-winning chef Shane Delia will take viewers on a tantalising and flavourful journey through an array of Middle Eastern dishes. From Turkey to Oman, Israel to Lebanon, Shane will draw on different cultural influences to recreate the food traditions of the Middle East and delve into the stories behind these recipes soaked in history.

As we’re yearning for exotic travel and experiences, A Middle East Feast with Shane Delia is your passport to a delicious journey filled with diverse cultural stories, friendly local faces and mouth-watering Middle Eastern flavours.

ohhhh wow! this looks so good!

All the ingredients are available from our website Featuring the best Lebanese brands such as Cortas, Alkanater, Mechaalany Cafe Najjar, Pacific Paramount & Sunrise.

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Program Times

Episode 1June 24: Vegetarian

Episode 2July 1: Sunday Lunch

Episode 3July 8: Turkish

Episode 4July 15: Breakfast

Episode 5July 22: Middle Eastern Sweets Episode

Episode 6July 29: Israeli

Episode 7August 5: Freshly Baked

Episode 8August 12: Comfort Food

Episode 9August 19: BBQ

Episode 10August 26: Meze

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