AlKanater Tahini is so amazing!

First of all, if you haven’t tried Alkanater’s Tahini, you need to put this on your to try list! In truth, there is nothing quite like it. Moreover, if you know anything about fine dining, you’ll understand that all the prominent middle eastern restaurants and chefs use Alkanater Tahini.

Furthermore, you may be asking why? It is made from 100% sesame seeds, which are most likely why all the big restaurants use it. Amazingly, the fine paste with a creamy, nutty texture adapts and take any complementary ingredients, especially like lemon and garlic.

Tahini is prepared traditionally in many Middle Eastern dishes. The most famous dishes are Hummous, a chickpea dip, and Baba Ghanoush, made from roasted eggplant. Both Hummos and Baba Ghanoush are the two main appetisers of mezze.

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Al kanater Halva

Halva is a middle eastern dessert and is almost perfect for any dessert. But, of course, you have to try it. Halva comes in various flavours, including Plain, Sugar Free, Chocolate, Pistachio & Chewy. It will bring a new dimension to your desserts and baking.

The texture is a chewy texture that seems to dissolve upon placing it in your mouth. Halva is traditional a confectionery product; However, it is excellent for desserts, just like chocolate or jam. For one thing, Alkanater makes top quality products. Alkanater Halva should be part of every chef’s pantry. In addition, Alkanter also makes Turkish delight; you have to try this too.

Harkola has been importing Alkanater products and distributing them to wholesale customers across Australia and New Zealand. The Alkanater Tahini and Halva products have gained worldwide recognition due to their consistent high quality and excellent taste.

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