Krikita Nuts

First of all, Have you ever wondered why some nuts and seeds taste better than others? The simple answer is they get graded by the size and quality of the nuts. Krikita is a premium snack and nut supplier across the middle east. Krikita Nuts uses a playful mix of superior nuts and kernels in a rage they developed. They are great for a quick healthy snack at those family gatherings.

Their range has three exciting mixes. The classic blend is roasted and assorted Peanuts, corn crisps, hazelnuts. The silver blend is a range of Almonds, Pistachios, Peanuts and Corn Crisps. And finally, the Premium Gold Blend Mix consists of roasted nuts, Almonds, Pistachios Cashews.

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Krikita Nut Tubs

Above all, One thing I love about this range is that it comes with resealable bags. Also, the 500g tubs can be refilled or sealed up for later. First of all, I love nuts, and these are my go-to brand when I have friends and family over. Everyone always comments on how tasty the mix is. They are just the perfect party food. Ironically, I’m yet to put them back in the tubs or packets for another day; they are always finished.

Krikita Nut Mixes begin by being sourced from the finest producers worldwide and are blended in a fusion of science and art at their leading-edge production facilities. Innovation and quality drive Krikita in everything they do. It’s a formula that has made Krikita a favourite worldwide, growing from a phenomenon in Lebanon now exporting to 26 different countries.

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