sweet tomatoes 

If you run a cafe, takeaway or restaurant you will know the importance of canned food, essentials like tinned tomatoes, tomato sauces for pasta and puree that really give your dish the taste as its sealed in the tin. Harkola has extensive range that we supply to the food services industry.

tinned or canned

Harkola also stocks canned speciality products such as artichokes, olives, beetroots, garlic, beans, mushrooms, pineapple, & jalapeño. Canned products are a great way to save time and money in the preparation of food within the cafe, restaurant and takeaway food business.

Tuna melt

The toasted tuna melt is one of Australia’s favourite lunch dishes. Harkola supplies restaurants, cafes and takeaways with a branded quality product Sirena tuna and it comes in chilli oil or brine. It’s a quality European brand that we all know and love.

speciality produce

Harkola imports lots of middle eastern canned speciality products including brands like cortas, and distributes them across Australia.

visit our warehouse

We also stock a huge selection of canned vine leaf’s and special bean mixes, as well as tinned fruit which mean you can give your restaurant, cafe or takeaway that authentic taste that’s sealed tight until you open it. Why not visit our warehouse or online store to see the full range of products we have.