tea, coffee, sugar

Harkola’s not just for businesses. We also have our own store that you can come and buy our wonderful produce for your own home. We have all the essentials you expect to find in a supermarket plus much more.

great value

With so many fresh and imported products and great prices you must come and visit us. We have so many delights that will intrigue and delight chefs of all standards. Cooking stocks, stocks, herbs & spices, sauces, nuts - the list goes on and you won’t really have to go anywhere else.

love food you'll love harkola

All the things we love cheese’s, olives, hummus, vine leaf’s - we really have the best selection that we know everyone loves.

kitchen essentials

We stock all your favourite rice’s, pastas and noodles so you can keep your kitchen well stocked with the brands you know and love. You might even discover one of our imported brands that can change your speciality dish forever.

taste the world

Wines, vinegar, salt & pepper every kitchen should have them, but they also should be accompanied by a fine selection of fresh herbs, spices, and baking products to really get that authentic middle eastern taste.

discover more

It’s only when you visit that you can really get a scope of what we have to offer. Discover new products and new foods that we know people are eating all over Australia. Harkola is a treasure chest of delights.