Sweet & delicious

Dried fruit are prepared by picking fresh fruit and usually dried naturally or openly in the rays of the sun. Dried fruit has a long tradition dating back to the 4000 BC, and prised for its sweet taste, nutrition, and long shelf life.

start the right way.

Dried fruit are an excellent substitute if you are running a cafe or restaurant. It is the perfect food as it natural sugars help preserve the nutrition of the fruit. Buying fresh fruit can be expensive and unless stored right it can spoil quickly. Dried fruit can be rehydrated and added in to delicious breakfast muesli or yoghurt, it can really add a unique taste, branded as your own. Adding some nuts like pecans and cashews can really make it an ‘A’ grade breakfast. Why not give it a try and concoct your our own signature breakfast and give it a fabulous, funky, unique name?

always the star.

We supply dried fruit to our distributors across Australia and New Zealand. Dried fruit is great for home cookingand breads, and exceptionally great for wedding and Christmas cakes, mixed with nuts and spices you can really create something special. Why not check out our full range from our products to see the largest dried fruit range in Sydney, Australia.

create some wow

Sydney restaurants and chefs source their ingredients from Harkola. Harkola specialises in imported middle eastern and dried products. Why not try and add a new dimension to one of your dishes like a delicious homemade fruit chutney served with cheese or maybe a plum pudding served with a unique spice? It makes perfect sense that this traditional method of preserving is reinvigorated with new creating expressions. The dry ingredients you need are available from Harkola.