the spice of life

Sailors and explores searched the furthest reaches of our planet to bring back the wonders of the world. Used as a trading tool by merchants for centuries in markets across the world and now Harkola brings the worlds spices to people of Australia without the need to travel the world.

spice things up

Spices are used in a vast number of products these days from your dried cured deli meats or your local Asian takeaways. Sydney cafe’s & restaurants are now able to source a world of spices to complete that perfect dish. Harkola stocks the worlds best spices. The wonderful aroma as soon as you walk through the door at our Auburn warehouse will make you believe you are in the markets of Marrakech. Discover a world you knew but may have forgotten and delight your senses with fragrances of the spices.

Spice never goes out of fashion

One very popular cafe and restaurant spice ingredient that works great with kofta and will add a new dimension is Sumac. A lemon pepper taste with a deep red colour, you’ll be sure that this spice will make the most amazing kofta you’ve ever eaten. We supply to supermarkets and groceries stores across Australia which in turn supply some of the finest restaurants who use spice to create that magic on those fabulous dishes.

variety really is

Harkola supplies and distributes a huge range of spices across Australia and we’ve been delivering them to your local stores for over 50 years.

Some of Australia’s most renowned chefs source their ingredients from Harkola, who specialise in imported and specialty spices and ingredients. Why not visit our warehouse to discover the huge lines we carry that can give your business a competitive edge that will keep your customers coming back.

If there is one thing you can be sure of, that variety really is the spice of life at Harkola.