bakers flour

Harkola supplies and distributes a wide range of baking flours to cafes, restaurants and patisserie around Australia. We stock sizes of 25kg bags down to the 10kg.

speciality flour's

We also stock some speciality flours like bassing flour, protein enriched flour and rice flour and of course we stock all the regular flours such as plain flour and self-raising.

pizza makers flour

We also stock ranges of flours for pizza bases, strong flours and semolina flour which is great for getting that nice crispy crust on the end of your pizza.

gluten free meals

These days there is a need for gluten free products and we stock an extensive range of almond meals and fine meal products to cater for the consumers who are gluten intolerant.

large range

Some other flour’s we stock are corn flour, sharp flour, ultra-white flour, strong baking flour, rye flour, pizza flour.

complimentary products 

Harkola has a wide range of complimentary baking products such as sodium carbonate, ghee’s flavoured waters, yeasts, milk powders and many more products you would expect to find.