best of the mediterraneanCortas.

Harkola has been the importer of Cortas food products to Australia for 40 years. Cortas is a much loved brand that offers a full range of middle eastern products, from sumptuous Jams to amazing flower flavoured waters. Restaurants, Deli and grocery stores love the quality. The range is extensive including much loved vegetarian dips Hummos Tahina. We supply and distribute to cafe’s, restaurants, local stores and supermarkets around Australia. If you are not already using a Cortas product you should try.


A consistently quality product since 1943...

Mechaalany is renown for being best in its class. Harkola imports and distributes this well loved brand from Lebanon. Mechaalany pickles and jams are loved by homes all over Australia. They have a full range of delicious traditional pickled products. Mechaalany products really make the perfect accompaniment and finish to a sandwich. For chefs it will bring a new dimension to a dishes.

worlds best Tahini - Al Kanater

Harkola imports, supplies and distributes AlKanater Tahini and Halva within Australia. AlKanater products are exported worldwide and particularly known for its 100% Natural and smooth taste. Used by locals in Lebanon you’ll soon see why its loved by their people who love a little taste of home. Harkola distributes these products to restaurants and cafes and we can deliver these products in bulk within the hospitality industry. Some of Sydney’s biggest manufacturers use our raw ingredients to produce those dips you love on Saturday nights. So if you have not tried AlKanater products make sure to add this one to your wish list.

start right, end rightCafe Najjar

Harkola is a major distributor of Lebanese coffee in Australia for over 40 years, what make Lebanese coffee different is the fineness its ground to. Najjar coffee is sold to homes, restaurants and cafes who want to offer the authentic taste of Lebanese coffee roasting, its strong and best enjoyed black with some sugar or a little Turkish delight to develop the taste.

hand pickedAlwazah Tea

Harkola is the major distributor of Alwazah Tea Which has earned a reputation for having great tasting teas. Quality teas from Sri Lanka guarantee you will enjoy every last drop. Light and refreshing the flavours are enjoyed by Arabic people all over the world. Tea has wonder health benefits especially in hot weather climates.

snack timeKrikita

Harkola knows the treats you love so we've brought one of Lebanon best known brands of nut mix snacks, prepared and packed in Lebanon. Using the modern packaging technology Krikita nuts stay fresh during their journey from the Krikita roasting factory to your home. Krikita has a mix for every mood.

the best Salloum

Harkola is the distributor of Salloum Herbs and Spices in Australia which is produced in Beirut. A world renowned reputation for their quality and if you have tasted it you will know that nothing come close to their special secret of blended herbs and spices. A closely guarded secret but its believed that they feed the bees to achieve an unbelievable tasting product that nothing will come close to.