one stop supply shop

Harkola has a wide range of house hold detergents and dish washing powders, bleaches, sponges, cloths, and mops that they distribute to cafe and restaurants all over Australia. We’re just making it easier, cheaper and more convenient to get all your products from one place.

seal & reuse

We also have a great selection of glassed sealed storage containers which are great for storing pastas olives and products you want to keep fresh and germ free which are great for cafes restaurants and takeaways.

BBQ supplies

With middle eastern cuisines the BBQ is king and the shops and restaurants infuse meat to create an amazing taste of the east. Harkola is a major supplier to restaurants, cafes and takeaways all over Australia, we supply nearly everything you could need from skewers, heat beads, charcoals, even down to the BBQ tools needed within your cafe restaurants. We try to make it easy for you to get it all from one place to save you time.

Takeaway hot food containers

If you are serving delicious BBQ meat, you’re going to need the proper containers to put them in for your customers. Harkola has learnt the best products from your cafes, restaurants and takeaways deserve as the best food containers so that’s why we also distribute quality hot food containers.

from foil bbq bags to pizzaboxes, we have it all

All cafes, restaurants and takeaways need to provide customers with the incidentals they need like straws, serviettes, paper bags, cups, plastic forks, knives and spoons. Harkola has you covered and can supply and distribute all your needs at the best prices.