Salloum Molasses

Salloum is one of those artisan brands. Years of tradition and methods are passed down through generations as a baker or winemaker. There is nothing quite like it. At the same time, don’t be fooled with the packaging in its primary form. However, don’t judge this book by its cover. You’ve heard the saying it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Well, there is no trueer statement. Many prominent TV chefs and restaurants use it for one reason. The products are simply amazing. You have to try them.

Now, if you have used Molasses, you’ll know that it is a black treacle that has a viscous texture. Making it is very complex and refining the correct sugar to plant extracts. Over the centuries, Salloum has refined this art in their product ranges and, in my words: they are the best producers of molasses worldwide.

Salloum has three varieties of Molasses Salloum Carob Molasses, Salloum Grape Molasses and Salloum Date Molasses. Each is unique, and if your love to bake and make beautiful desserts and fantastic salad dressings and sauces, you should have this in your pantry. Let’s just say between friends that it is your secret sauce. We did not tell you that! So make sure you put this artisan product on your shopping list to try cooking with it.

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Salloum Spices

Salloum is possible bested know for the Zaatar. Zaatar is a closely-guarded secret! in the middle east, however, Salloum’s secret recipe is what the world wants to know. So what is in it? We can only speculate! However, it is a combination of dried oregano, thyme, sumac, marjoram, woody florals found in the forests of the middle east with toasted sesame seeds.

Overall the taste is a lemon pepper kind of taste that goes well with literally anything from a roast chicken to that amazing breakfast bread add some halloumi, and you are in heaven. Trust me when I tell you this will be in your pantry forever once you have tried it.

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Salloum Jam

They also have one other fantastic product that I use so much in baking: the Salloum’s Fig Marmalade. Rich sticky and bursting with flavours You need to try this range. Made by artisans for professional chefs, Salloum’s products are distributed worldwide to 46 countries; make sure to try them but don’t tell anyone!

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