Cafe Najjar coffee machines

Especially if you come from Lebanon and the middle east, you’ll of heard of Cafe Najjar. It is how the hard-working men and women start their day. But also, when someone pops around to say hello, this is the first thing the people of the middle east offer Coffee!! Maybe a cake!

Above all, it is part of daily life and culture. However, Cafe Najjar has that perfect aroma and flavours to suit that middle eastern taste. Particularly, if you love coffee, you’ll love Cafe Najjar. The cardamon is a very popular flavoured coffee.

Cardamon is one of those decidient flavours, kind of like chocolate or vanilla. Admittedly coffee and cardamon are just made for each other. Additionally, it comes pre-ground and is ready to use in both Classic and Cardomen flavours.

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Cafe Najjar Ground Coffee

You could almost imagine yourself sitting in a Beirut Cafe enjoying a nice authentic coffee watching life go by. But, of course, if you are a cafe or restaurant owner, Harkola also sells whole coffee beans to grind the coffee yourself.

Now, if you fancy yourself as a home barista, Cafe Najjar has perfected the art of coffee making with the now popular express coffee making machines and capsules. The Cafe Najjar Raqwa Capsules make the perfect cup of coffee every time, with an ideal creme top.

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Cafe Najjar Capsules

Cafe Najjar capsules come in both the plain and Cardomon flavours. The capsules seal in the freshness. Traditionally, in the middle east Cafe, Najjar is made in a coffee pot called a rakweh and served in small egg-sized cups. Traditionally people love it very sweet.

Café Najjar is Lebanon’s leading coffee brand since 1957 as an artisan coffee roaster. Cafe Najjar is now exported to 48 countries worldwide. Produced from the most prominent coffee manufacturer in Lebanon. They are equipped with the most advanced computerised coffee machinery in the Middle East and the finest in the Mediterranean basin. Café Najjar is strictly quality-oriented, responsive and driven to exceed our customers’ expectations, priding itself in customer loyalty.

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