It is the first automated coffee maker offering the perfect cup by exclusively using Cafe Najjar Raqwa capsules of shield fresh coffee
Makes the exceptional coffee in 45 seconds with only with a press of a button

  • It offers the ability to prepare multiple cups with crema/“ashwe” (no need for manual preparation separately)
  • It has automatic temperature control for boiling and offers constantly 85-87c serving temperature
  • It uses each time the Cafe Najjar Raqwa capsules for the exact portion of the perfect coffee and there is no waste
  • It uses exactly the needed volume of water (60ml)
  • The Najjar Raqwa system guarantees the ultimate hygiene during preparation of coffee
  • Automatic capsule disposal system
  • Easy plug and operate
  • Easy system for automatic cleaning

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•Coffee Maker that prepares traditional Lebanese/Turkish coffee using exclusively Cafe Najjar Raqwa coffee capsules
• Prepares coffee with crima/“ashwe” (left button) or without crima/“ashwe” (right button)
•Removable water tank with capacity of 1500 ml net
•Automatic empty capsules detection
•Removable empty capsules bin with capacity of 20
•Easy cup positioning adjustment
•Autonomy: about 20 coffee cups (60ml each)
•Easy to use, to clean (auto cleaning system)and maintain
•230 V-50Hz-900W
•Dimensions (W x D x H) 28 x 32 x 37cm
•Machine net weight: about 8kg
•Packaging dimensions: 39.5 x 39.5 x 47.5cm

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Weight 10 kg