Gourmet Style Gluten Free Pizza Bases 300g Old Time Bakery


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Everyone loves pizza so why should you miss out just because you eat gluten free foods? Our gluten free pizza bases are sold two per packet and store very well in the freezer. Pizza never tasted so good!

About our Gluten Free Pizza Bases
Pizza is one of the most tantalising foods that people who are gluten intolerant wish they could eat. Well, now they can. Our gluten free pizza bases are easy to store, cook and most certainly easy to eat!

Because our pizza bases store particularly well in the freezer we recommend that you always keep some on hand. They are ready to go in no time so you and the kids are never kept waiting. Actually, it may be wiser to keep a couple packets of our pizza bases in the fridge!

Using Our Pizza Bases From The Freezer
If you are using our gluten free pizza bases from the freezer there is no need to wait, they are ready to use straight away. By the time you pile on your favourite toppings the pizza base is ready for the oven.

When removing the pizza bases from the freezer you may find they have frozen together slightly. To separate simply slide a spatula between the bases in a gentle poking motion until they come apart. This will avoid breaking the frozen pizza bases.

Starting Your Pizza Off Right!
Good pizza always starts with a great base. Using Old Time Bakery gluten free pizza bases ensures that your pizzas are of restaurant quality while also being a healthier choice.

You would be very lucky to live in an area where you can get fresh baked gluten free pizza delivered to your door. So the next best thing is to make your own, just the way YOU like it.

Gluten free pizza bases open up a whole new range of recipe ideas for gluten allergy sufferers who like to enjoy delicious food without compromise. Look for Old Time Bakery gluten free pizza bases!

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