Once upon a time, in Beirut, under the scorching August sun, horns blaring, kids playing, ladies endlessly arguing for the price of a chiffon, lottery ticket vendors trying to sell their last bunch of colored papers… and an oasis, a haven, the “Al Birkeh”, fresh Jallab served from a huge brass barrel… Those days are gone, now, but still the memory lingers on, and is revived with Cortas Jallab…

Add 1 part syrup to 5 parts icy water, add crushed ice, dried raisins, blanched almonds, and pine nuts.

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Through its partnership with Harkola food distributor in Sydney, Cortas aims to bring the finest quality Lebanese gourmet products to every corner of the world including Australia.

Cortas sources its produce (fruit and vegetables) from the agriculturally rich Bekaa Valley in Lebanon – the breadbasket of the ancient Romans. Since the world’s finest sesame seeds originate in Sudan and the tastiest chick peas in Turkey, Cortas imports these grains and seeds.

Cortas has more than 80 years’ experience  in a fruitful endeavour towards customer satisfaction. Cortas Quality Control begins at the purchasing stage – Cortas buys only the finest raw produce – and continues it quality control until the point the finish produce leaves the plant as products ready for consumption.

Harkola is the exclusive agent for all Cortas products in Australia and New Zealand.

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