Phoenician Silk Tea 50g


Made from all natural blue flowers with first grade white tea & a dash of ginger Body: Sweet and earthy with lingering flowery and ginger notes.Good for: Rejuvena

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TASTING NOTES – Smooth silkiness of black tea, honey and saffron.
WHEN TO DRINK – In the morning, or during the day, or early dinner. Medium Caffeine/Theine level.
BENEFITS – This elixir is a precious body treat. The honey and royal jelly along with the saffron boosts your immunity with the right energy and health. The black tea strengthens the bones and teeth.

• Brewing temperature: 80 degrees
• Brewing time: 1 minute
• Rebrewing capacity: 2 times, each time 1 minute in 80 degrees hot water, don’t over brew or over heat.