The Good Thymes Green Zaatar 125g


Originated in our hometown Kfar-Hoȗné, this signature mix brings together our village’s all-time favorite delicacy, goat kishk, and the country’s best spice. Goat kishk, a Mediterranean blend of cracked wheat and goat yogurt, grants za’atar a sharp and rich tang and entices your taste buds with a true taste of Lebanon’s heritage. Just spread it, sprinkle it, or dip in it.


Made with Caraway and Fennel, no wonder the Green Za’atar Mix is what your body and mind need. If your taste buds crave soothing herbal flavors, then this one’s for you. Just add some olive oil and dip any kind of bread in it, or add it to chicken and meat for a mild culinary experience that’s delicious to the last bite. Just spread it, sprinkle it, or dip in it.

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